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Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 13:43:03 EDT
Subject: Mrs. Broom

I was born and raised in Shenandoah - 1940-1959.  My dad had the Shenandoah Music Company on South Main Street. I got married in '59 and moved away.

Mrs. Broom was my first grade teacher at the Jefferson School.  I remember her well.  She was wonderful!!!!  Teachers today do not have her patience and love of teaching.  She sat with me and taught me that you do not make an "8" by putting one circle on top of another one.  I will always remember that.

I have wonderful pictures of  the Shenandoah fire in 1955 when South Main Street went up in flames...my dad's store included.  I have the before and after professional shots of this if you are interested.

The fire on Main Street, February 1955.

My best friend was Patti Clapps (114 South Jardin) where I spent many many hours. Her mother and sister still reside there.

..... My husband and I are in North Miami Beach and will be moving soon to St. Lucie West, Fl.

Evie (Itzkovitz) Feldman

This is a picture of my group of friends at the Kozy Korner after a winning football game. The Kozy Korner was on the Northeast side of White Street across from JW Cooper. - it was the hang out for all the J W Cooper kids.  Across the street on the Southwest side was the hangout for the kids from the Catholic School.  I am in the front row (right side) fourth person, wearing my cheerleader uniform.  

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